4 Ways Car Insurance Can Cover Animal Damages

Posted on: 6 April 2015

The animal kingdom has all kinds of creatures that do not understand how traffic or vehicles work. Unfortunately, instances like this can cause major damage to your vehicle. Instead of paying for all the damages yourself, there are many ways to prevent these costs through car insurance coverage.

Comprehensive insurance plans often include added coverage for multiple types of animal damage. Before selecting the type of coverage that you want, it's important to understand the different types of damages that can occur. Insurance policies need to have these specific damages stated so that you can stay fully covered and file a claim.

Animal Collisions

One of the most common types of animal damage that can occur to your vehicle is an animal collision. This is also one of the easiest types of coverage you can add to your insurance. Animal collisions can include all types of collisions, including deer, moose, and pets on the loose.

An animal collision can also include all types of flying animals like birds. When driving at high speeds, even the smallest birds can cause a crack in the windshield. By filing a claim as soon as possible, the windshield repair or replacement can be covered under your plan.

Animal Injuries

When driving in the car with friends or family, the health of those passengers is commonly covered, but your pets are left with no coverage. If a car accident injures your animal, there could be a lot of vet costs following the crash. Instead of footing the bill, comprehensive coverage plans can expand your insurance to include pet injuries.

When signing up for a policy like this, it's important to follow all the fine details. For example, for pets to be covered, they may have to be properly strapped in the car using a harness or pet carrier. It's important to get a clear view of these guidelines through an insurance agent.

Interior Car Damage

Dogs bite, cats scratch, and when it happens on your car interior, a lot of damage can occur. Within a few minutes, a dog could easily chew through seats and headrests. Cars with leather interiors can easily get scratched and torn from cat claws. This type of interior damage can get coverage through a comprehensive plan. The plan may protect against interior damage from spilled drinks or other items, but you should ensure that it also covers any possible pet damages.

Rodent & Pest Damage

While a car may be your sole mode of transportation, to many pests it can seem like a luxury home. When vehicles are parked for extended periods of time, animals can make their way into the car through vents or other areas. Wild animal damage can be covered through comprehensive plans, but there are multiple types of damage that you will want to ensure is properly covered.

  • Dead Animals: Dead animals can get caught in engines, cause needs for repairs, and create terrible odors in your vehicle.
  • Animal Nests: Vents, mufflers, and other areas are ideal places for animals to build a nest. This can cause problems with the engine and operation of your vehicle.
  • Chewed Wiring: Small animals, like birds and rodents, may chew through wiring and cause electrical problems with the vehicle.
  • Animal Attacks: If a bigger animal like a raccoon or skunk is in the car, they could attack you as you try to get inside. An insurance policy can help cover physical and emotional damages due to this occurring.

Being as detailed as possible with an insurance agent is the best way to get the most coverage that you can. For more information, contact a company like Preferred Insurance.