• 5 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance Won't Cover

    As a homeowner, you may have assumptions about what your homeowner's insurance covers. It's important to know for sure, because there is nothing worse than trying to file a claim and realizing your insurance company isn't going to pay out. Have a real estate lawyer go over your insurance paperwork with you to ensure your needs are met. Here are some things you may not realize standard homeowner's insurance doesn't cover. [Read More]

  • What You Should Do If You Are Involved In A Single-Car Accident

    Most people know what to do in the event of a two-car or multi-car collision, but what should you do if you are in a single-vehicle event? Do you need to report it to the police and to your insurance company? And what if there is damage to your vehicle? Will it be possible to recover money from your insurance company, or will it be difficult to prove your claim? [Read More]

  • 4 Ways Car Insurance Can Cover Animal Damages

    The animal kingdom has all kinds of creatures that do not understand how traffic or vehicles work. Unfortunately, instances like this can cause major damage to your vehicle. Instead of paying for all the damages yourself, there are many ways to prevent these costs through car insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance plans often include added coverage for multiple types of animal damage. Before selecting the type of coverage that you want, it's important to understand the different types of damages that can occur. [Read More]

  • Protecting Your Pet: 3 Ways To Make Sure That The Pet Insurance Is Worth It

    The pet industry is huge. Recent data has indicated that pet owners represent a $6.5 billion a year business opportunity with over 57% of Canadian households owning at least one pet. Owning a pet can be extremely expensive. The cost of training, food, vaccinations, toys, and pet sitting can quickly add up. With the economy in a tough place, knowing that your pet is financially covered in the event of an emergency is important. Insurance brokers offer various pet insurance coverage that is designed to do just that — protect your pet and keep medical bills low. [Read More]

  • Does Your Small Business Need Additional Businss Insurance For Spring?

    Are you a small business owner? Spring is just around the corner. With it comes some unique issues that may require you to re-think your current business insurance needs. Just like the winter, the spring brings unique issues with it for small businesses. These issues may require you to increase your business insurance coverage in order to ensure you have the protection you need to stay in business if any of spring's issues affect your company. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips For Fully Protecting Your Personal Belongings With Home Insurance

    Having home insurance is a necessity if you own your house, but it has limitations you may not be aware of. One of the limitations you should address involves the valuable items you own. All home insurance policies offer coverage for your dwelling and your personal belongings; however, there are several things you should understand about this. Amount of Coverage You Have If a fire destroys your entire house, the insurance company is likely to give you enough money to rebuild your house, but the amount they offer is always based on the amount of coverage you had. [Read More]

  • 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest In Social Media Insurance

    Protecting a small business includes opening insurance policies on all types of issues. Along with physical protection of your business, it's also important to have digital protection. When working with insurance brokers, one of the newest coverage options to consider is social media coverage. As social media websites like Facebook and Twitter become a way for businesses to grow, they also become a liability that could cost a business thousands of dollars. [Read More]